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The daily operations of the Roth Center are kept running by two dedicated employees. Whenever possible, questions about practical operations at the Roth Center should be directed to the staff rather than to the rabbi. You can find more details about who to contact with your questions and how below.

Chris De Pierro

Kol Ha’Emek, the UVJC’s Community Coordinator / Administrator

Contact Chris with questions about membership, school enrollment, making a donation or just about anything, by email at or (603) 646-0460.






Claudia Palmer

Claudia Palmer

Rabbi’s Office Manager and Administrative Assistant

Claudia first came to the Roth Center in the fall of 1999. Since then she has come to understand more about kosher food, Jewish holidays and traditions. In this position, it is the people that she has come to love and cherish throughout these years that mean the most. Families, Dartmouth students and everyone in-between have enriched her life more than she can express.

Contact Claudia with Hillel-related matters, or to schedule an appointment with the Rabbi, by at or  (603) 646-0410.

Melissa Herman

Kol Ha’Emek, UVJC Director of Education

Melissa Herman grew up at a summer camp in a rural New Hampshire with two Jewish parents and an hour long drive to the nearest synagogue.  As a result, her approach to Jewish education is family- and community-based with a healthy dose of culture and fun enough to make it worth the schlep.  Trained as a developmental sociologist, Melissa also teaches Dartmouth courses in child/adolescent development, education, identity development, and group dynamics.  Melissa and her family have been members of the UVJC since 2003 and all of her children have celebrated b’nai mitzvahs at the synagogue.  When she’s not teaching, Melissa enjoys singing, cycling, and sewing.

Contact Melissa with questions about the UVJC Hebrew School, Family Education, or the B’nai Mitzvah process by email at or by phone at (603) 646-3887.




Maia is the official UVJC/Hillel dog. She is in charge of such important tasks as guarding Claudia’s office and greeting congregants with great ruach. Maia is friendly, well-behaved, and good with kids, so if you see her at the Roth Center, don’t hesitate to say hello. Maia loves to play tug-of-war with her chew toys, to receive belly rubs, and to be told that she is a good dog. Contact Maia by calling her name or by walking up to her and giving her a rub between the ears.