Today is July 19, 2018 /


Mishpacha Award

Awarded to a UVJC member who has offered exceptional service to the UVJC to create “mishpacha” (family).  Nominations are due on March 1 and the award is presented at the UVJC Annual Dinner, usually in May.

Past recipients of the Mishpacha Award:

Nancie  Severs (2008)

Mort Wise (2009)

Sy Conark (2010)

Bruce Pacht (2011)

Bob and Sharon Racusin (2012)

Susan Israel (2013)

Rebecca Gottesman (2014)

Gary Schwartz (2015)

Pam Hausler (2016)


Shem Tov Award

More information will be available in the coming weeks.


“I experienced one of the most amazing days in my life when I received the mishpacha award. It  means so much to me to be honored for work that I love to do. I was so thrilled that one of my oldest and dearest friends, Sue Berg, (on the right) was able to present the award to me that night, Our families grew up as part of the UVJC. The biggest surprise was having my longtime friend, Rebecca Ivry (on the left), come to celebrate with me from New Jersey. She was the first mother that I met at the UVJC.  I am so grateful for my Jewish community.” – Pam Hausler