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Bar & Bat Mitzvah

About the Process and Celebration

Maggie and Student

This is an important time for you and your child as they enter adulthood in our Jewish tradition. The rabbi and the director of education will partner with you and your child in the process of understanding what is required of them as a bar or bat mitzvah. In parent meetings we will explore options and suggestions available to you within the restrictions of Jewish law, all while keeping the bar or bat mitzvah student in mind.

We at the Hebrew School are dedicated to enriching your child’s experience. Since your child first became enrolled here, there has not been a focus just on this day in particular. Rather, the focus has been on ways we live as a Jewish people, including understanding the practice of our traditions, the meaning of our holidays and festivals, the history of our people, and of course reading and understanding the prayers recited. Attending school at the UVJC has never been about only becoming a bar or bat mitzvah. This has been stressed with your child, and we hope that this philosophy can continue forward with your support.

Once your child has their bar or bat mitzvah, we would like your child to continue out the school year at the UVJC with their class. The following school year, they may join the madrechim program. During that time, they will learn how to help other grades in their learning, as well participate in an enrichment program of continuing education developed by Rabbi for the madrechim and grades up though high school. Your encouragement in their enrollment in these programs after their bar and bat mitzvah will continue to support our philosophy on ongoing Jewish learning.

You are encouraged throughout this process to contact our offices with questions and concerns. It will be very helpful for you to attend subsequent parent meetings, as new information will be introduced each time. We also cannot stress enough the importance of bringing your family to other bar and bat mitzvah celebrations at the UVJC, so that your child becomes familiar with the service. The bar and bat mitzvah celebration is an open event, where the young adult is welcomed into the community. There is no invitation required to attend a service. There are several remaining this year, and a calendar has been supplied so that you will have those dates for planning.

We very much look forward to working with you during this special life cycle event.