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Virtual Hebrew Program Summer 2020

Virtual Hebrew Program for Summer 2020

Sign your children up for summer Hebrew lessons and access to online learning games through ShalomLearning.
  • Welcome

    Virtual Hebrew Summer 2020 is an enrichment program for Kol Ha'Emek students who want to keep up with their Hebrew, and have some one-on-one time with teachers, and enjoy some online Hebrew learning games The program lasts for nine weeks (June 22-August 21) and tutoring sessions times are arranged by mutual consent of family and tutor.
  • Please list days of the week and times that would work for your family. This is just a starting point; you and the tutor will arrange times at your mutual convenience.
  • Price: $180.00
    Includes access to ShalomLearning online Hebrew learning games and 1:1 tutoring sessions of up to 30 minutes per week for nine weeks (June 22-August 21). Tutoring session times to be arranged by mutual consent of family and tutor.