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B’nai Mitzvah Service Order

Every child is different and every bar and bat mitzvah is different. Within the guidelines of halacha, or Jewish law, there is some flexibility, and we will do everything we can to do what is best for your child. One child may use a different melody than another, and there may be places in which it is appropriate for one child to read Hebrew where another reads English. With that being said, the basic Shabbat morning service is a strong tradition in the history of our people. We will use this service as the template for your child’s bar or bat mitzvah. The following is the basic service order for our b’nei mitzvah here at the Roth Center. Bolded lines are led by the bar or bat mitzvah.

Prayer NamePageActionNotesParticipants
Ma Tovu140Stand          Hebrew,
first line twice
Bar or bat mitzvah leads,
congregation sings along
Baruch Sh’amar180StandHebrewRabbi leads,
congregation sings along
Psalm 90186SitEnglishRabbi leads,
congregation responds
Ashrey190SitHebrew, silentlyRabbi announces
Hallelujah194SitHebrewRabbi leads,
congregation sings along
Nishmat Kol Chai214SitHebrewRabbi leads,
congregation sings along
(may be responsive English reading by bar or bat mitzvah)
Shoheyn Ad218SitHebrewRabbi leads,
congregation sings along
Chatzi Kaddish

220StandHebrewBar or bat mitzvah leads,
congregation responds

224StandHebrewBar or bat mitzvah leads,
congregation responds
El Adon228SitHebrewRabbi leads,
congregation sings along
Blessings of Shema230-240SitHebrewRabbi leads,
congregation sings along and reads silently
Shema and V’ahavta242SitHebrewBar or bat mitzvah leads,
congregation sings along
True and Enduring248SitEnglishBar or bat mitzvah leads,
congregation responds
Mi Chamocha252SitHebrewRabbi leads,
congregation responds

255StandHebrewBar or bat mitzvah sings solo
Kedusha256StandHebrewRabbi leads,
congregation responds
L’dor v’dor256StandHebrewBar or bat mitzvah leads,
congregation responds
Silent Amidah258-266StandSilentCongregation
Kaddish Shalem

268StandHebrewBar or bat mitzvah leads solo
Torah Service: The bar or bat mitzvah and their family rise and gather around the ark. The appointed person opens the ark. The Torah is handed by the rabbi to members of the family and it is passed one by one (l’dor v’dor, from generation to generation), to the bar or bat mitzvah. Everyone stays behind the bar or bat mitzvah as the service continues.
Shema              320  Stand          Hebrew             Bar or bat mitzvah leads,
congregation responds
At “Gadlu, L’Adoshem,” the bar or bat mitzvah turns to face the ark and bows as that part is chanted. The bar or bat mitzvah then takes the Torah to the congregation to be greeted. The family follows behind in procession. The bar or bat mitzvah should take time and walk around the congregation slowly, giving everyone a chance to greet or to kiss the Torah. This is an honor. It should not be rushed.
Blessings before and after the Torah readings

322StandHebrewEach person honored with an aliyah. There are seven aliyot;
the parents take the seventh.
Rabbi and the bar or bat mitzvah will do the Torah chanting.
Mi ShebeirachBack cover of siddurSitHebrew and EnglishRabbi or gabbai leads,
congregation sings along
MaftirTorahStandHebrewBar or bat mitzvah leads solo
Reader’s Chatzi Kaddish324StandHebrewRabbi or gabbai leads
Haftarah and Haftarah blessings

326StandHebrewBar or bat mitzvah solo
D’var TorahPreparedStandEnglishBar or bat mitzvah alone
Y’hall’lu340StandHebrew, scroll returned to ark at the end.Rabbi leads,
congregation sings along
Etz Chaim346StandHebrewRabbi leads,
congregation sings
Blessings upon parentsStandHebrew and EnglishRabbi
Blessings upon bar or bat mitzvahStandHebrew and EnglishRabbi
Presentation by board
Presentation by education director
Speech from the parents

402StandHebrewRabbi leads,
congregation sings along
Mourner’s Kaddish410Mourners stand, congregation sitsHebrewRabbi leads,
mourners join
Adon Olam

412SitHebrewB’nei mitzvah class leads, congregation sings along